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Juan Amigo Mixes A Storm In Ibiza

Music Not Just For The Masses

A new specialist DJ has landed in Ibiza. Juan Amigo has been weaving his veritable magic with an eclectic sound and engaging character.

Already positioned at some of the more underground and specialist events, we’re seeing Juan turn up not in an exclusive stance, but one that connects and rewards people for being open thinking… bringing back the trust in the DJ. 

Juan doesn’t aim to educate, he entertains with a fluent style that navigates genres, but always hits on point regardless if it’s a House event, a Balearic beat fest, or a pinnacle sunset moment. Juan always seems to play the right tune at the right time… a skill set not always privy to commercial DJ’s aimed at filling major clubs. Don’t mistake as Juan can entertain on the top level, but refuses to fulfil a forced playlist. He entertains with heart, and always aims to connect the crowd and special moments that last. 

For us, this is the hallmark of an iconic entertainer. Selfless when it comes to sharing, but firmly focussed on quality, not quantity… with a little bit of extra fun thrown in. As Juan admits, it’s not about being purist, more true that your role is to play music that people enjoy, but always edge towards something that can also inspire.

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