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George Allen – The innerself trip

Mixed some samples and out of this world compositions that induce a dreamlike state, a dream within a dream… an open call to dance for the soul.

  • George Allen
  • GEORGE ALLEN (Jurj M. Alin) sees the light of day on 7 April 1983 in Timisoara, Romania. He fell in love with electronic music irremediably and unconditionally since childhood when he found in the park a cassette (DJ Hype ? – Drum & Bass Selection). In 2005 he is invited to host a local radio show on electronic music and that way he starts playing music weekly in FM radiowaves promoting underground artists & producers of electronic music (mostly house ones) until 2009 when the radio station changes its policy and continued playing only commercial hits. In 2010 he is invited to play music in a club for the first time and since then he is entertaining party people in different venues across Timisoara & Romania. Nowadays George Allen loves playing Jungle, Garage, UK Bass, Trap, Footwork, Two-step, Future Garage, Nu Disco, Indie Dance, French & UK House, Balearic Soul, Future Funk & Retro Electro.


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