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ConceptCast 22/ Damien Almira

ConceptCast 22/ Damien Almira

As a key player for the French electronic music scene, Damien Almira aka Timid Boy known for his hyperactive tendencies as a DJ, producer, party organizer, journalist and also at the helm of the label Time Has Changed. Immersed in music since a young age, learning classical piano for 10 years at the Conservatoire, in France, Damien Almira stepped into the heyday of the rave party scene during the 90’s. His love for the groove and making people dance, didn’t go unnoticed; after a noteworthy residency, RexClub Paris gave him the opportunity to run his very own night. Nowadays is he is also in charge of a party at Nouveau Casino and is often entrusted by Cercle to close out their parties, notably in the Palace of Fontainebleu after Dubfire and in Château de Chambord after @CarlCox. This busy artist has a long list of activities.

Exclusive podcast with Dorothy’s Dream, Giuliano Lomonte, COSMJN, DumitrEscu, Barac, #jinger, Legit Trip & some of his unreleased tracks.

Enjoy his journey!

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  • Concept
  • Electronic, minimal, microminimal, melodicminimal, minimaltech
  • 27/10/2021
  • digital

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