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ConceptCast 28/ Max.

Massimo Frisina aka Max. have been intimately involved with music in his entire life; picking up his first pair of CD players on his 22th birthday and immediately went to work mixing. After few years he added on his shelf a various selection of vinyl. His carefully crafted DJ sets caught the ears of some of Italy’s nightlife elite and he soon found himself playing all over the north of the country. Moved to London he began to play in most of the East’s London club scene. He started to build up with hard work and enthusiasm his own parties, founding in 2010 Bread & Butter music events and records. Presenting their ongoing series of labels & producers showcase, plus he also launched Enfasi Records labels along with the established artists on minimal/house/tech and techno world.

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His fully support for 2021 releases of:
@daniel-istrati aka Constratti


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