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ConceptCast 36/ Jean Saint-Clair

ConceptCast 36/ Jean Saint-Clair

Jean Saint-Clair is a French electronic musician that he started to evolve in different collectives as a Dj and a producer in Belgium and northern France. Then he co-founded the label Esitu Records in 2016 and took part in different musical projects for museum/theater/ballet.

He published in 2019 his debut album inspired by the minimal music of the 2000s and the contemporary Romanian underground scene. Since then, he has been working hard to sharpen his technique in order to offer a quality sound.

Now JSC is based in Paris and continues to be part of the electronic scene.

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  • Jean Saint-Clair
  • Concept
  • Electronic, minimal, microminimal, melodicminimal, deepminimal
  • 01/04/2022
  • digital
  • Jean Saint-Clair
  • Larisa LLM

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