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Dubokaj & Lee Scratch Perry - Dubmarine (phrex Remix)

Dubokaj & Lee Scratch Perry – Dubmarine (phrex Remix)

Dubmarine is about musical genesis, while Lee invokes Jamaican Reggae, Dubokaj hints at it with his own sonic arsenal referencing the music of this special Caribbean island. The song has the feel of a riddim, almost a stepper, but a chill ambient stepper, with splashes of synths almost like a duppy horns section. The sonar echoes drop deep under the Alpine Imaginary Sea, and boy what images comes to life: devils are closing in and the deep ocean darkness envelops.

phrex takes the original ambient vibe and doubles the riddim into a steppers rush of blood to the feet. The drums get more tribal and there is a hint to dub techno and that genres hypnotic qualities.

phrex is a DJ and producer from Switzerland always looking for bassbin-workouts, and has releases under many pseudonyms, but often finds a way to lock in a certain vibe that revolves around the hardcore continuum.

phrex is the founder and organizer of the dubtopia soundsystem sessions and record label. He is also involved with its younger sister klubtopia, pinpointing the recent tribes of house and techno with midilux where he curates an ambient & drone stage. phrex also works on Radio Bollwerk. The artist has been constantly releasing records under the name phrex since 2014 and also under the moniker Seduction since 2018, he contributes to the Bern scene and Switzerland’s dance music community.

phrex started off with dubstep then slowly morphed into an outlet for all sorts of bass-related music. There’s room for drone, but also pop edits with a twist. phrex’s background is the antiracist skinhead scene of early reggae, rocksteady, ska, and northern soul parties. Dubtopia is a soundsystem session with big speakers, lots of bass, vibes, dubplates, and a very conscious and diverse crowd. They combine the foundation: roots, dub, steppers and then modern, bass-centric music revolving around dubstep. Dubotopia brought to Switzerland legends such as Mala, VIVEK, Commodo, Dubkasm, Kahn, Sicaria Sound, Digital Steppaz Soundsystem and Pinch.

As a raver, dj and curator he‘s always all-in if the ideals fit, the soundsystem sits well and the vibe is right.

Swiss-based Mouthwatering Records in a partnership with Transylvanian-based The Sound of Art to Come platform and label proudly present Dubokaj & Lee Scratch Perry’s fifth remix off the Daydreamflix album – Dubmarine by phrex.

The echoes of the Swiss mountains are translated by electronic surgeon Dubokaj in a soundclash session with the late Jamaican legend the Mighty Upsetter. Daniel Jakob aka Dubokaj aka Dejot, half of Filewile, is an artist and producer collaborating with dub and hip-hop artists from all over the world: Fortune Shumba, Mike Ladd, Pressure Drop, and Dawn Penn. Over the years, he has been steadily putting out extremely personal sounds, remixes, and visions on his own Mouthwatering Records. He also scored films such as Das Fräulein, Slumming, On The Line, Der Kameramörder.

Dub as an art form and as science is also philosophy, and Dubokaj extracts the process without mimicking the Roots form. He cuts and pastes, plays around with oscillating tempos, sometimes in a single tune – juxtaposes natural environments with in-studio sounds.

All the collages illustrating the Daydreamflix LP are done by Cristiana Bucureci, who is a Romanian-based collage artist. Cristiana has debuted with her collage art in 2012, with the Loud Blood Youth series, in collaboration with a local electro-fusion band. For the project, she has illustrated 13 songs from the band’s mixtape. Her collages are the passport to a futuristic-decorative dimension, being made in mixed techniques, both digital and cut & paste. The artist has exhibited in Tel Aviv, at Romanian Design Week, in Bucharest, in Timișoara, Cluj, and Iași. Some of her work can be viewed on

Mouthwatering Records is a Switzerland-based independent label, publishing, management, and artist development Company, releasing a variety of styles, from Hip Hop to Dubhouse, from Breakbeat to Soul-Jazz, with at least one foot on the Dancefloor run by Andreas Ryser and Daniel Jakob.

The Sound of Art to Come Records is a Transylvanian-based platform and record label, home of Dub, Electronic, and Experimental music outcasts and exploring mavericks from all over the world. Deep in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, SoAC transmits from the dimension of The Shape of Dub to Come. The label curates, collages, and remixes dubs and riddims inspired by film soundtracks.

Alpine Dub soundclash in the heart of the Swiss Alps in the Secret Laboratory.

The Daydreamflix session with Lee Scratch Perry was recorded in 2017 at his secret laboratory in the Swiss mountains

Produced and mixed by Dubokaj 2017-2021 at Filewile Studio Bern

Mastered by Adi Flueck at Centraldubs

Remix by phrex

Collage by Art Director and artist Cristiana Bucureci of Creionetica

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