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Chillrave Vol.3

VA – Chillrave Compilation Vol. 3

Leveldva’s Sonic Expedition: A 27-Track ChillRave Compilation Featuring Geju, Dad of The Year, Coss, and the Mesmerizing Acid Pauli

Leveldva’s mesmerizing Chillrave music has ensnared my auditory senses. Over the course of a year, they embarked on a globe-spanning adventure, questing for auditory perfection. They journeyed through the wild jungles of the South American desert, unearthed secrets in Berlin’s hidden cellars, pedaled through the vibrant streets of Amsterdam, took command of sold-out boat parties in New York, elegantly navigated Mexican potholes while exploring intimate Istanbul bars, and serenely immersed themselves in the Nevada lakeshores. All these escapades were in relentless pursuit of a harmonious symphony that beckons us into a seamlessly circular dance.

In Leveldva’s musical realm, I’ve uncovered a mermaid’s secret, akin to an enchanting voyage. Nevertheless, I must proceed with caution as I dive into this musical landscape, for its allure possesses the potential to captivate me indefinitely. This extraordinary compilation, comprising 27 enchanting tracks, showcases the artistic prowess of Geju, Dad of The Year, Coss, and the captivating Acid Pauli, creating an auditory journey of epic proportions.

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