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Adistu – Fractal Bling-Bling #2

Floating inside a fractal world. Metaphor for the mathematical universe of thoughts/reflections. Created with Mandelbulb3D, Blender, Chaotica & After Effects. 

  • Adistu
  • Mixing fractal geometry with procedural organic patterns, Adistu delivers experimental video installations that push the limit of imagination with elegant but playful & surrealist universes. Videomapping installations include several palaces, churches, medieval towers, 360 dome projection, and even a boat, an ambulance and a motorcycle. In either architectural mapping, live performances, interactive installations, animated music videos, VR, holographic installations, films or digital painting for large canvas prints, Adistu's style is recognizable in the unique blend of very different techniques and software. Made a few solo shows, worked across Europe and US, was featured at large events like Berlin Festival of Lights, Boom Portugal or Anim'Est, organizes animation workshops for both adults and youth and is the director of the itinerant film & art festival Tripoteca, which reached 15 countries and over 25 locations.


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