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Giada Rotundo - Bubbles (2020). Oil on canvas, 50x50 cm



50X50 CM

In the work ‘The Forgotten Language: An introduction to the Understanding of Dreams, Fairy Tales and Myths’ written by Erich Fromm proposes an introduction to the understanding of symbolic language in a general way, and an interpretation of dreams by Freud, through the aspects of symbolic language.
This painting is inspired by this essay and investigates into man’s vulnerability, to be daily concerned by doubts and to be often perplexed.
The proposed subject shows two circles instead of eyes, to indicate the way it faces its world, which is not always wise but blurred.

  • Giada Rotundo
  • The artist's research was at the beginning founded on images of the past. Her art reflected the understanding of what has happened, at times forgotten, but represented in a modern way. That's why we often see men depicted, from the late 1800s beginning 1900s, re-elaborated using present day techniques. Nowadays she is facing up new themes that include horror, lowbrow and splatter in art.

    She has collaborated with the Every Woman Biennal, Visioni Altre Gallery, Atelie22, Pira Espacio, Fabbrica del Vapore, Open Space Art Living, Metodo Milano Artist-run Space, Galleria Tirabasso, Passepartout Unconventional Gallery, Artepassante Project, Tail Online Gallery and Galleriazro.


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