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Giada Rotundo - Money-Money. Oil on canvas, 70x100 cm

Giada Rotundo – Money Money


This year has inevitably divided us, we were not allowed to leave our city and this situation meant that we couldn’t even see our family members, our fiancé or our closest friends. Many people have even lost their job.

This painting examines the economic crisis which the pandemic has caused. If we consider that 144 million people have lost their job in the world and above all women have suffered the most. It’s obvious that here we see a woman who represents the 98% of those who are now unemployed. She has a sad expression and her face is pale and tired. Finally, some coins are falling from above without her being able to grab them.

On the other hand, she’s wearing some beautiful clothes, a symbol of something she has lost.

The Covid has made everyone poorer, a situation which we must all overcome.

  • Giada Rotundo
  • Born in 1991 lives and works near Milan, Italy.

    The artist's research was at the beginning founded on images of the past. Her art reflected the understanding of what has happened, at times forgotten, but represented in a modern way. That's why we often see men depicted, from the late 1800s beginning 1900s, re-elaborated using present day techniques. Nowadays she is facing up new themes that include horror, lowbrow and splatter in art.

    She has collaborated with the Every Woman Biennal, Visioni Altre Gallery, Atelie22, Pira Espacio, Fabbrica del Vapore, Open Space Art Living, Metodo Milano Artist-run Space, Galleria Tirabasso, Passepartout Unconventional Gallery, Artepassante Project, Tail Online Gallery and Galleriazro.


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