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ConceptCast 21/ Gyres

Gyres, on his real name Adrien Vullo, started mixing in Romania in 2013 and co-founded the experimental label ESITU records upon his return to Lille, France in 2016. Since then, he has been experimenting with field recording and live performance with the Fragments project, and hosting the hybrid radio show 194 FAR, which blends literary chronicles on science-fiction and their musical reinterpretations on Station station, the web radio of the French club La Station. Lately, he has been curating breakbeat/minimal/abstract/tech-house playlists derived from an imagined setting or situation.

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A special selection of vinyl only track list
Margaret Dygas – That
Malin Genie – Propter
Anestie Gomez – Softpunch
Lukas Simmer – Crystalized
Pandilla LTD – Bleu
Baraso – Mind your step
Zefzeed – Watermelon effects as Viagra
Phonetica – Sleepy Hollow
Pawlo Tojeda – Selected groove (Marcman Remix)
Hugo – Plankton
Anton Pau – Endless light (Herck lighter remix)
Coriesu & Diego Santana – Moonlife
Livio & Robby, Gutti – Skin trigger
Sublee – Continuum
Sons of Tiki – Never leave the mothership
Downlink – Premonition
Ben Balance – Mind flow
Bakked – Acidloop

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