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WORLD SOUND: SERIES EP 01 MYSNIK - STORIES [Free download/Support]

WORLD SOUND: SERIES EP 01 MYSNIK – Stories [Free download/Support]

Stories told by a Russian artist

Mysnik on his real name Nikita Mysnik, born in Reni and located in Moscow, Russia. His musical journey in 2018 when he finished studying the Ableton course at DOS School; since then, he started to write his own tracks. After visiting Sunwaves 24, he realised that can drag his attention towards Romanian sound. His focus is on dark melodic minimal considering that is giving him a hypnotic state. His first release took shape with the label TheLAB (RO) in 2020 and is just the beginning of his journey.

Mastered by Baltimore Chop

Artwork by Larisa LLM

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