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ConceptCast 025/ Adam Mclean

ConceptCast 025/ Adam Mclean

Concept Records Cast 025 / Adam Mclean

Adam Mclean, the founder of Descend Coventry, has been spinning since back in 2004 and is continuing to leaned towards the more minimal spectrum of sound. He has played at a variety of venues across the UK and the globe alongside some respectable names in the industry. Adam has started his own project Descend with the aim to bring the minimal sound to the Midlands.
Not an owner of records shop but a great collector of over 700 records. For this set has selected some special back in time and 2021 releases as follow:

1. Nu Zau Pandantiv A1
Label – Memoria Recordings
2. Arapu – So Doo B1
Label: Liniar
3. Father’s and sons – What Is Love B1
Label: Fathers & Sons Productions
4. Miroloja – Olo 02 B2
Label: OLO Records
5. Vladimir Oslov – Orient Karma B1
Label: Miden
6. Macarie – Wuushu Hands D1
Label: Midas Touch
7. Barut – Cuantiz A1
Label: Morethanmusic (MTM)
8. Szyszko – Reloj A1
Label: Cedesciu Wax
9. Floog – Pale Blue Dot A1
Label: Botanic Minds
10. Swoy & Silat Beksi – The Escapist B1
Label: Modeight
11.Juliche hernandez- Kai Vay (Camelia Remix) A2
Label: Sobriquet Records
12. RQZ – Controller B1
Label: Sous-Vide Records
13. caLLy – Pe Acolo A1
Label: HomeBase Records

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