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Bondax - September feat. Family Habits [Eton Messy Records]

Bondax – September feat. Family Habits [Eton Messy Records]

Second in line for the current run of singles from the UK’s underground label, this hot new tune continues the lead into the forthcoming Eton Messy album which sets to highlight their imprints sound over a decade dominating the scene. 

BONDAX – SEPTEMBER FEAT. FAMILY HABITS is a deeper edged tune with prominent vocals that instantly project sunshine and good times. This latest single has just dropped, and really lifting Bondax to greater heights as the industry fires in their positive feedback.

Firing forward with the 10 years of Eton Messy Compilation this is another significant club tool reverberating with news that this almighty UK imprint has some more heavy new releases on the way. Bondax clearly showcases how Eton Messy has matured into a leading brand for digital downloads and purveyors of the club led events.

Get ready for the Eton Messy 10th Anniversary as we lead into the 3rd December full album launch. Take a sneak preview of 10 Years Of Eton Messy here on JUNO and get your advance orders now.

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