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ConceptCast 026

ConceptCast 026 / Nebojša Stojšić

Nebojša Stojšić which is one of the youngest DJs in Sombor’s, Serbia’s underground scene. His ”Vojvođans” authentic deep defined baselines are recognizable and keeps no one indifferent. As the youngest member of FunPro4 crew, he continues the tradition of minimal, house, deep and groovy melodies, spiced with a pinch of progressive elements.
Recently he’s been seen playing at Exit Festival during the summer of 2021, since then he continues his appearance at different gigs around Serbia.

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  • Nebojša Stojšić
  • Concept
  • Electronic, minimal, microminimal, melodicminimal, minimaltech, minimaldub, italy, united kingdom, romania
  • 24/11/2021
  • digital
  • Nebojša Stojšić
  • Nebojša Stojšić
  • Larisa LLM
  • Concept Records

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