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ConceptCast 027/ Wilty

ConceptCast 027/ Wilty

For Zachary Wiltermood aka Wilty, music is an expression of self that is constantly changing. Music is a story to be told, for him a mix is about creating a vibe and connection over the following of genre.
He enjoys going to a gig as much as attending a rave and finds his inspiration in all things creative.
With experience organising live music, art events and running a label and a venue in his home town Northampton he has always found expression being around music.
Wilty has now started a new journey in Bristol and hopes to keep exploring expression and creation in new forms in the city.

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  • Wilty
  • Concept
  • Electronic, minimal, microminimal, melodicminimal, minimaltech
  • digital
  • Wilty
  • Larisa LLM

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