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Various Artists - Vol. 4 [Lescale Recordings]

Various Artists – Vol. 4 [Lescale Recordings]

Lescale Recordings drops its 23rd release in the form of ‘Various Artists Vol. 4’, featuring 4 fresh and consistent tracks and combining uplifting minimal deep-tech and breakbeat vibes. From Natalia Roth [Dreams On Wax] & Enzo Leep’s [Get Physical] ‘Sheep’s Rules’ to Hendriks Toth’s [Akta Records] ‘Slow Down’, passing through HDZ’s [Personality Disorder] ‘May Day’ and Dubphone [Vandalism Musique] & Igor Vicente’s [State of Flow Records] ‘Mr. Atmo’, a journey loaded with original sounds to produce drum-driven electric grooves with mind-blowing basslines, haunting synths and hard-hitting stabs taking the listeners into the stratosphere.

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