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3LOCK - Refurbishing EP [RF Digital Factory]

3LOCK – Refurbishing EP [RF Digital Factory]

RF Digital Factory welcomes 3LOCK with his debut release, ‘Refurbishing EP‘. The neo producer is a moniker of Andrea Rango, well recognized DJ / producer, the man behind several crucial moments for dance music on the Italian FM radio landscape and father of the Soundzrises series.

In this two-track EP, the artist wants to enhance everything that convincingly recalls the purest principles of ‘future’, ‘space’, ‘transition’ by designing musical trajectories that embrace all the nuances of electronic music (‘Refurbishing’), looking up to reconnect with the highest essence of all: humanity (‘A New Era Is Going to Begin’).

‘Refurbishing EP’ is a trip that defies gravity and escapes the strain of the contemporary and hyper-connected lifestyle.

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