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ConceptCast 34/ Oana Du

ConceptCast 34/ Oana Du

In the last three months we have supported the ladies involved in the music industry as well as encouraging new talents to take shape on the music scene. Here comes our regular weekly podcast delivered by Oana Du born in Romania and currently based in the UK. She became a producer in the autumn of 2020 and made her debut as a DJ one year later. Expect nothing but hard kicks, acid and hypnotic lines sprinkled with some psy trance and minimal influences. She is always unpredictable in her selections of sounds, so stay around to find out more.  

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  • Oana Du
  • Concept
  • Electronic, minimal, microminimal, melodicminimal, minimaltech, minimaldub, psy, acid house, hyptonic sounds, romania united kingdom, romania
  • 03/03/2022
  • digital
  • Oana Du

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