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Luca Trevisan – Illusion EP [Lescale Recordings]

Luca Trevisan – Illusion EP [Lescale Recordings]

Lescale Recordings welcomes Luca Trevisan [No More Soundless] to announce the 25th release of the label, with ‘Illusion EP’. The charismatic DJ producer from Turin (IT) moves through experimentation towards discovery, focusing on the endless creative possibilities of the techno realm, to deliver a 4 track EP that intensely stimulates the senses, with bottom-heavy basslines, electrifying kick drums, trippy FX, pulsating rhythms and atmospheric soundscapes. All in all, this is another massive release for Ramona Yacef’s rising label.

  • Luca Trevisan
  • Illusion EP
  • Lescale Recordings
  • LR025
  • Techno
  • 25/03/2022
  • digital
  • Luca Trevisan
  • Luca Trevisan
  • Label Worx
  • Patricia Raimundo

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