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Alonso Mendez & Christie Nelson – ‘Get Out’ [Underbite Records]

Alonso Mendez & Christie Nelson – ‘Get Out’ [Underbite Records]

Alonso Mendez & Christie Nelson – ‘Get Out’ [Underbite Records]

Reuniting after their 2020 collaboration on the track “Rise Up,” Alonso Mendez and Christie Nelson once again combine their talents to craft an electrifying dance anthem in “Get Out.” Infused with euphoric pianos and a timeless M1 bassline, Christie’s captivating vocals add an enchanting layer to the mix. “Get Out” conjures a sense of nostalgia reminiscent of the golden era of House Music, yet it maintains a contemporary and impeccably polished sound that is infectiously captivating.

Described by Christie as “an uplifting, powerful anthem crafted to celebrate independence and mark the closure of a challenging relationship,” “Get Out” offers a carefree and energetic dance experience on the surface, all while delivering a profound and meaningful message through its lyrics. “Get Out” invites you to let loose and immerse yourself in its vibrant rhythms whilst also resonating with listeners that seek a  spark of introspection and contemplation.


Get Out will be released on Underbite Records on the 11th of October on all available platforms

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