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BEAUZ Release Anticipated New EP ‘RAVE GAME’

BEAUZ Release Anticipated New EP ‘RAVE GAME’

BEAUZ brings us their new EP RAVE GAME. The album contains 3 dancefloor hits RAVE GAME, LOUD and WE GUCCI.

The lead single Rave game is a playful banger that signifies BEAUZ’s ambition to go from the throne of dance pop to claiming royalty on the dance floor.   With its memorable and hard-hitting bassline, this infectious tune chronicles the magic of festivals and the adventures within. This song can get anybody from anywhere to bop their heads off. Prepare to hear RAVE GAME at a festival near you all of 2022!

American duo BEAUZ (pronounced bowz) composed of BSY and JSY are versatile classy rockstars who decide their own destiny.  They have released hundreds of tracks on world’s leading music labels such as Monstercat, Ultra, Spinnin’Records, Armada Music, Lowly Palace, Trap Nation, Enhanced Music, Proximity.  Combining modern electronic music styles and Asian music elements, they broke music boundaries and introduced a brand new music genre PsyPop to the EDM world.  In 2021, BEAUZ joined China’s hit survival show Youth With You Season 3 as promising trainees.  As first electronic music DJ duo ever participated in the show, they performed their original song Heartbreaker on stage, which received countless support from fans, showcasing their recognizable voice and impressive singing skills. Through the show, they broadened their fan base and introduced electronic music to a bigger stage.

Later this year, the group won No.  1 DJ group of the year on Dj Mag China chart, which is celebrated by their fans all around the world.   Continuing the hard work, BEAUZ collaborated with Chinese female super star Nineone for their up-and-coming album, on the single Treat It Like. It’s no doubt BEAUZ will surprise us with more exciting news.  Synonymous with a unique brand of music and eluding an impeccable flair in everything they do, BEAUZ will not stop until they sit on the throne!

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  • Fabled Records
  • 14/01/22
  • digital

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